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Global Warming: Exposing the Far Left’s Lies, Part 1
by F. Swemson
November 1,2009
Glenn Beck show with Lord Christopher Monckton – one of the leading voices speaking out against Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW,) the absurd hoax that former Vice President Al Gore and so many others have been perpetrating on the world for so many years now.
…By attacking the problem the way you did today the most we can possibly achieve is to slow them down. But in so doing, we’re still granting their entire premise, that CO2 has anything more than a tiny effect on climate change. In fact the only dominant cause of climate change is the normal cycle of solar activity, all of the other factors involved are quite minor indeed. The only way that climate change should be of concern us, is if it stopped changing altogether. By attacking the issue the way you are, you’re leaving the door open for the opposition to temporarily retreat, & wait for the public to forget the details for 15 to 25 years, so they can try promoting the same scam again after having massaged the numbers once again to “prove their point”. Anyone who doubts this should read the following article from Newsweek from 1975, reporting on the “global cooling crisis” that the same corrupt “scientists” were screaming about only 35 years ago. And please note that one of the loudest voices in that recent global cooling crisis, was none other that Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren himself. This is the 4th example of this idiocy in the last hundred years. If they were wrong each of those times, why should we even LISTEN to them today?
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Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as his North Pole sums don’t add up
CBS Reports on Climate Change in 2002
Antarctica Grows Colder, But Why?
CBS News – January 14, 2002 
  Four months later:                                               
Antarctic Warming Alarms Scientists

CBS News – May 14, 2002

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds


The Nine Lies Of Al Gore
Written by K. Daniel Glover
October 1, 2009   (see article online for active links)
Al Gore is the principal prophet of doom in the global warming debate, and the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth is his gospel to true believers. But Gore has misled them.

Two years ago, British High Court Justice Michael Burton characterized Gore’s film as “alarmism and exaggeration in support of his political thesis.” The court, responding to a case filed by a parent, said the film was “one-sided” and could not be shown in British schools unless it contained guidelines to balance Gore’s attempt at “political indoctrination.”
The judge based his decision on nine inaccuracies in the movie. The Gore-loving U.S. media largely ignored the story, but starting premiere night Oct. 18, Americans will hear it in Not Evil Just Wrong. To set the stage, here is a recap of Gore’s claims and why they are flawed:
The claim: Melting in Greenland or West Antarctica will cause sea levels to rise up to 20 feet in the near future.
The truth: The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change concluded that sea levels might rise 20 feet over millennia — and it waffled on that prediction. The IPCC envisions a rise of no more than 7 inches to 23 inches by 2100. Gore’s claim is “a very disturbing misstatement of the science,” John Day, who argued the British case, says in Not Evil Just Wrong. The judge said Gore’s point “is not in line with the scientific consensus.
The claim: Polar bears are drowning because they have to swim farther to find ice.
The truth: Justice Burton noted that the only study citing the drowning of polar bears (four of them) blamed the deaths on a storm, not ice that is melting due to manmade global warming. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, furthermore, found that the current bear population is 20,000-25,000, up from 5,000-10,000 in the 1950s and 1960s. Day says in Not Evil Just Wrong that the appeal to polar bears is “a very clever piece of manipulation.”
The claim: Global warming spawned Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
The truth: “It is common ground that there is insufficient evidence to show that,” Burton wrote in his ruling. A May 2007 piece in New Scientist refuted the Katrina argument as a “climate myth” because it’s impossible to tie any single weather event to global warming.
The claim: Increases in temperature are the result of increases in carbon dioxide.
The truth: Burton questioned the two graphs Gore used in An Inconvenient Truth. Gore argued that there is “an exact fit” between temperature and CO2, Burton said, but his graphs didn’t support that conclusion. Recent data also do not support it: The global temperature has been declining for about a decade, even as CO2 levels continue rising.
The claim: The snow on Mount Kilimanjaro is melting because of global warming.
The truth: The melting has been under way for more than a century — long before SUVs and jumbo jets — and appears to be the result of other causes. Justice Burton noted that scientists agree the melting can’t be blamed primarily on “human-induced climate change.”
The claim: Lake Chad is disappearing because of global warming.
The truth: Lake Chad is losing water, and humans are contributing to the losses. But the humans in the lake’s immediate vicinity, rather than mankind as a whole using fossil fuels, are to blame. Burton cited factors like population, overgrazing and regional climate variability.
The claim: People are being forced to evacuate low-lying Pacific atolls, islands of coral that surround lagoons, because of encroaching ocean waters.
The truth: By their very nature, atolls are susceptible to rising sea levels. But Burton said pointedly in his ruling, “There is no evidence of any such evacuation having yet happened.”
The claim: Coral reefs are bleaching and putting fish in jeopardy.
The truth: In his ruling, Burton emphasized the IPCC’s finding that bleaching could kill coral reefs — if they don’t adapt. A report released this year shows that reefs already are thriving in waters as hot as some people say ocean waters will be 100 years from now. Burton also said it is difficult to separate coral stresses such as over-fishing from any changes in climate.
The claim: Global warming could stop the “ocean conveyor,” triggering another ice age in Western Europe.
The truth: Once again, Gore’s allies at the IPCC disagree with that argument. Burton cited the panel in concluding that “it is very unlikely that the ocean conveyor … will shut down in the future.” The fact that the scientific understanding of how the conveyor belt works remains unsettled further exposes the flaw in Gore’s claim.
Ten Myths About Gobal Warming from “Global Warming: The Left’s War On Science Beginning to Unravel “
Wrong. It is true the world did warm between 1975 and 1998, but even Professor David Karoly, one of our leading alarmists, admitted this week “temperatures have dropped…both in surface temperatures and in atmospheric temperatures measured from satellites.” In fact, the fall in temperatures from just 2002 has already wiped out half the warming our planet experienced last century. (Check data from Britain’s Hadley Centre, NASA’s Aqua satellite and the US National Climatic Data Centre.)
Some experts, such as Karoly, claim this proves nothing and the world will soon start warming again. Others, such as Professor Ian Plimer of Adelaide University, point out that so many years of cooling already contradict the theory that man’s rapidly increasing gases must drive up temperatures ever faster.
But that’s all theory. The question I’ve asked is: What signs can you actually see of the man-made warming that the alarmists predicted?
Wrong. The British Antarctic Survey, working with NASA, last week confirmed ice around Antarctica has grown 100,000 sq km each decade for the past 30 years. Long-term monitoring by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports the same: southern hemisphere ice has been expanding for decades.
As for the Arctic, wrong again. The Arctic ice cap shrank badly two summers ago after years of steady decline, but has since largely recovered. Satellite data from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre this week shows the Arctic hasn’t had this much April ice for at least seven years.
Norway’s Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre says the ice is now within the standard deviation range for 1979 to 2007.
Wrong. A study released this month by the University of NSW Climate Change Research Centre confirms not only that we’ve had worse droughts, but this Big Dry is not caused by “global warming,” whether man-made or not.
As the university’s press release says: “The causes of southeastern Australia’s longest, most severe and damaging droughts have been discovered, with the surprise finding that they originate far away in the Indian Ocean…A team of Australian scientists has detailed for the first time how a phenomenon known as the Indian Ocean Dipole (a variable and irregular cycle of warming and cooling of ocean water), dictates whether moisture-bearing winds are carried across the southern half of Australia.”
Wrong. The alleged “record” temperature Melbourne set in January (46.4 degrees) was in fact topped by the 47.2 degrees the city recorded in 1851. (See the Argus newspaper of February 8, 1851.)
And here’s another curious thing: Despite all this warming we’re alleged to have caused, Victoria’s highest temperature on record remains the 50.7 degrees that hit Mildura 103 years ago. South Australia’s hottest day is still the 50.7 degrees Oodnadatta suffered 37 years ago. NSW’s high is still the 50 degrees recorded 70 years ago. What’s more, not one of the world’s seven continents has set a record high temperature since 1974. Europe’s high remains the 50 degrees measured in Spain 128 years ago, before the invention of the first true car.
Wrong. If anything, the seas are getting colder. For five years, a network of 3175 automated bathythermographs has been deployed in the oceans by the Argo program, a collaboration between 50 agencies from 26 countries. Warming believer Josh Willis, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, reluctantly concluded: “There has been a very slight cooling…”
Wrong. For almost three years, the seas have stopped rising, according to the Jason-1 satellite mission monitored by the University of Colorado. That said, the seas have risen steadily and slowly for the past 10,000 years through natural warming, and will almost certainly resume soon. But there is little sign of any accelerated rises, even off Tuvalu or the Maldives, islands often said to be most threatened with drowning.
Professor Nils-Axel Moerner, one of the world’s most famous experts on sea levels, has studied the Maldives in particular and concluded there has been no net rise there for 1250 years. Venice is still above water.
Wrong. Ryan Maue of Florida State University recently measured the frequency, intensity and duration of all hurricanes and cyclones to compile an Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index. His findings? The energy index is at its lowest level for more than 30 years.
The World Meteorological Organization, in its latest statement on [hurricanes], said it was impossible to say if they were affected by man’s gases: “Though there is evidence both for and against the existence of a detectable anthropogenic signal in the tropical cyclone climate record to date, no firm conclusion can be made on this point.”
Wrong. Yes, in 1999, Professor Ove Hoegh-Gulberg, our leading reef alarmist and administrator of more than $30 million in warming grants, did claim the reef was threatened by warming, and much had turned white. But he then had to admit it had made a “surprising” recovery.
Yes, in 2006 he again warned high temperatures meant “between 30 and 40% of coral on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef could die within a month.” But he later admitted this bleaching had “minimal impact”.
Yes, in 2007 he again warned that temperature changes of the kind caused by global warming were bleaching the reef. But this month fellow Queensland University researchers admitted in a study that reef coral had once more made a “spectacular recovery,” with “abundant corals re-established in a single year.” The reef is blooming.
Wrong. Poor snow falls in 2003 set off a rash of headlines predicting warming doom. The CSIRO typically fed the hysteria by claiming global warming would strip resorts of up to a quarter of their snow by 2018. Yet the past two years have been bumper seasons for Victoria’s snow resorts, and this year could be just as good, with snow already falling in NSW and Victoria this past week.
Are you insane? Tsunamis are in fact caused by earthquakes. Yet there [were the alarmists] last week, claiming that Asia was a “region, thanks to climate change, that has far more cyclones, tsunamis, droughts.” Wrong, wrong and wrong…
Prominent Russian Scientist: ‘We should fear a deep temperature drop — not catastrophic global warming’
‘Warming had a natural origin…CO2 is ‘not guilty’

By Marc Morano  -  Climate Depot
October 27, 2009
Key Excerpts: Observations of the Sun show that as for the increase in temperature, carbon dioxide is “not guilty” and as for what lies ahead in the upcoming decades, it is not catastrophic warming, but a global, and very prolonged, temperature drop. [...] Over the past decade, global temperature on the Earth has not increased; global warming has ceased, and already there are signs of the future deep temperature drop. [...] It follows that warming had a natural origin, the contribution of CO2 to it was insignificant, anthropogenic increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide does not serve as an explanation for it, and in the foreseeable future CO2 will not be able to cause catastrophic warming. The so-called greenhouse effect will not avert the onset of the next deep temperature drop, the 19th in the last 7500 years, which without fail follows after natural warming. [...] We should fear a deep temperature drop — not catastrophic global warming. Humanity must survive the serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences of a global temperature drop, which will directly affect the national interests of almost all countries and more than 80% of the population of the Earth. A deep temperature drop is a considerably greater threat to humanity than warming. However, a reliable forecast of the time of the onset and of the depth of the global temperature drop will make it possible to adjust in advance the economic activity of humanity, to considerably weaken the crisis.–not-catastrophic-global-warming
The Economics of Recycling
Floy Lilley on the idiotic green sacrament.

Climate Change is Natural: 100 Reasons Why
By Dan Parkinson
Ten Cool Global Warming Policies
What should be done about the threat of global warming? Unfortunately, many proposals — including mandatory limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions — would be much more costly to society than the danger it seeks to avert. Fortunately, there are policies that could be adopted that are desirable in their own right and are commendable, even if there were no threat of global warming. These policies would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, reduce harms associated with global warming or increase the world’s capabilities to deal with climate-change-associated problems. Here are 10 of them:
The Lies and Deceptions Continue at Copenhagen and Beyond
 By Dr. Tim Ball
They lied, bullied, falsified documents, rewrote history, destroyed careers, impugned character, used people and placed the entire world economies in jeopardy.
Message to Copenhagen: Our Constitution Begins,”We the People…”
By Newt Gingrich
Ronald Reagan was right when he said that America is a nation that has a government – not the other way around….
Our message is that no imperial presidency, no totalitarian bureaucracy, and no global international elite can or will usurp the power of We the People.

Climategate: the lawyers move in – those scientists are toast!
by James Delingpole, The Telegraph
December 16th 2009
God bless America and – can I really be saying this? – God bless the legal profession! Despite the best efforts of the Obama administration, most of the world’s other governments (save the plucky Canucks), the United Nations and the Mainstream Media (MSM) to sweep Climategate under the carpet, the lawyers are putting this shoddy scandal where it belongs: in the dock.

 New EU president confirms New World Order desire (19Nov09)
“The climate conference in Copenhagen, is another step towards global management of our planet.” – Herman van Rompuy


Global Warming Ate My Homework: 100 Things Blamed on Global Warming
Posted November 17th, 2009
Late for a party? Miss a meeting? Forget to pay your rent? Blame climate change; everyone else is doing it. From an increase in severe acne to all societal collapses since the beginning of time, just about everything gone wrong in the world today can be attributed to climate change. Here’s a list of 100 storylines blaming climate change as the problem.

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