Andrew Klavan On Culture (Satire)

Andrew Klavan Presents: President Me! The Musical – video                              (Thanks, Ricky Cain!)
PJTV: Andrew Klavan asks, ‘Is Barack Obama Jesus Christ?’  – video
Klavan on culture [soft tyranny] – video
Klavan on Culture: Bumper Sticker Police  – video
Andrew Klavan: Liberal Fantasies vs. Reality, Can you Spot the Difference? -video
Andrew Klavan: Don’t Panic, DHS Is In Charge (PJTV) – video
Andrew Klavan, Liberalism Exposed: Beyond the Elitist, Preening America-Hating Stereotypes
The World According to Andrew Klavan (interview) – video
Fascinating person! Grew up as a Jew, then atheist, now Christian.  At about 32 mins, discusses Batman “The Dark Knight” as representing Bush, use of ridicule by the Left, “Speaking truth to power” (What is the power they are talking about?). 

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