05/17/10 Tea Party/ Muslim Obama/ Health Care

**Petition Drive for 3rd Party “Tea Party” NOT Endorsed by Tea Party Groups
Patriots of Southeast Michigan  and Michigan Tea Party Alliance (MTPA)
, the official statewide tea party coalition, do not support or endorse a “Tea Party” third party.  See position statement at  http://www.michiganteapartyalliance.com/Press%20Releases.html  We recommend you do not sign this petition.  See article below. 

“Progressive” Campaigns Inc (PCI) Hired for Fake Tea Party Petition
by: chetly      May 15, 2010
Zarko Research has now verified through technical means that Progressive Campaigns Inc. (PCI) has been hired to collect signatures to put on the ballot a “Tea Party” party.  As reported below, actual paid signature gatherers have been offered real petitions at a rate of at last $1 per signature to place a completely unknown Tea Party organization, which lists a PO Box in Richfield, MI as its home.
Progressive has been funded by Soros, the Michigan Democratic Party, and is most recently known for the crude attempt to re-game the Michigan Constitution for the Democratic Party in 2008 through the Reform Michigan Government Now petition, which also operated initially for its first several weeks as a “stealth petition”
(or http://www.outsidelansing.com/diary/600/zarko-exclusive-followup-progressive-campaigns-inc-pci-hired-for-fake-tea-party-petition  and  http://www.outsidelansing.com/diary/599/zarko-research-exclusive-dem-dirty-trick-on-fake-tea-party-petition-revealed  )

Enemies within the Patriot Movement
 By JB Williams   May 16, 2010
Barack Obama, the leftists in DC and around the globe, and even the leftist media are NO threat to the rising pro-American patriot movement. In fact, the more these global socialist thugs attack average American patriots, the more they fuel the fire of the patriot movement.
However, the movement is in trouble from internal enemies that threaten to destroy the entire pro-American movement from within.

Rethink everything to revive state
By Michael Warren         February 7, 2010
Like no time in recent memory, all eyes really are on Michigan.
Leading unemployment, abysmal schools, unprecedented bankruptcies, huge bailouts, skyrocketing forfeitures, chronic budget messes and political corruption were the highlights for 2009.
The scrutiny is so intense that Time magazine even bought a Detroit house to observe first hand.

There is one critical advantage to being the epicenter of so much upheaval and attention — the absolute necessity to start anew.  If Michigan has any chance of succeeding in the global competition in the aftermath of 2009, we must discard our obsolete thinking and create the new trends that will lead the world.
Judge Warren is a full time, sitting Judge in Oakland County and a principled constitutionalist and tireless volunteer and advocate for our U.S. founding documents, through both the book, “America’s Survival Guide” and through “Patriot Week” September 11 through September 17th, Constitution Day, that  Judge Warren co-founded. http://web.me.com/patriotweek/patriotweek.org/Patriot_Week_Home.html
Republican Gubernatorial Debate – April 21, 2010   – video
**The great Muslim President -  with MUST-SEE VIDEO
By Bernie Conrad        May 16, 2010
… I received an email bearing a youtube video of our current president. What the film maker has done is to search what probably amounted to hundreds of speeches and interviews. Out of these the film was edited down to specific statements made by our president about the muslim faith. The film is ten minutes long and I urge you at this point to access it on your computer….
This is “supposedly” the video that FOX NEWS has been trying to show that is constantly blocked by the administration.
I can only say that I found the video profoundly disturbing…. My president is deeply loyal, reverent, affectionate and promoting of the Muslim faith. I was somewhat aware of this before, but did not realize the extent of his devotion. I was aware that he had some background, etc. – but didn’t think that he was at all serious about it. After watching this film I am agape, agog and flabbergasted. I fear for my country!…
I came back to the U.S. with an entirely refreshed point of view – so much I had taken for granted. My country cared, though not perfectly, about pedestrians, went to church with a smile, stayed in their lanes in traffic jams, made concessions for the handicapped, had hot water every day and kept the sewage inside the pipes. It was glaringly clear to me that the Christian faith and the resultant attitudes, ideas, work ethic, politics and entrepreneurial spirit, though less than perfect, had built a country that was the envy of humans world wide….
Trilateral Commission – Report of Meeting in Ireland
By James P. Tucker, Jr.
Trilateral Commission (TC) members, angry over their failure to establish a world government and the economic crisis they generated, called for war with Iran when they gathered behind closed doors here in Dublin, Ireland May 7-10.

Physician Survey Backs Up Medicare Actuaries’ Claim that Seniors Access to Providers Could Be Jeopardized
May 12, 2010
New Poll Finds 37% of Osteopathic Physicians Would Not Accept New Medicare Patients Without Changes to Medicare Reimbursements
Today, the American Osteopathic Association released survey results that found Medicare physician payment rate cuts will likely threaten seniors’ ability to find a doctor, corroborating the Medicare Actuaries report that drew the same conclusions.
The cuts, scheduled to go into effect June 1, 2010, would reduce physician Medicare payment rates by 21 percent.  The survey found that 37 percent of respondents would either “definitely not accept” or “probably not accept” new Medicare patients because of these cuts, and 24 percent said they would drop their current Medicare patients entirely.

NFIB Confirms Health Care Law Bad For Workers    (Thanks, Dennis Milosch)
May 14, 2010
Washington, DC – Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) today released the following statement on the announcement that the nation’s leading small business organization, NFIB, is joining 20 state attorneys general in seeking to invalidate the recently enacted health care law.

“This is confirmation for every person worried about their job or looking for work, that the health care law is only making matters worse.  If it is bad for small businesses, it is bad for America, and this health care law is bad for both.  Instead of increasing costs and adding new mandates on employers, we need to lower their costs so they can start hiring again – that’s what the House Republican bill did.”

Camp also released six facts about the Democrats’ health care law that every American worker must know:
See http://republicans.waysandmeans.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=185723

Rally to urge the government to reject amnesty and work on legislation that protects American jobs and curbs illegal immigration
Tuesday, May 18, 2010           12 noon to 1:30pm

East steps of the Capitol, Lansing, MI
Hosted by State Rep. Dave Agema, who has introduced six bills this year to stop illegal aliens from taking jobs and benefiting from public services, but most of them have not received a hearing.  State Rep. Kim Meltzer, who has promised to introduce an Arizona-style immigration enforcement bill, also will speak at the rally. Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad and Frankenmuth Tea Party leader Tamyra Murray will appear as well.
http://daveagema.com/    (see Press Release 5/11/10)

Gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox & Michigan Constitutional Convention Debate
June 7, 2010      7pm to 8:30pm

The Plymouth Cultural Center,  525 Farmer Street, Plymouth, MI  48170
Discussion of the pros and cons of the proposed Michigan Constitutional Convention, which is on the November ballot.
Henry S. Woloson will be the “pro” presenter for the constitutional convention, and State Representative John Walsh (19th District – Livonia) will present the “con” side of the issue
Sponsored by Rattle With Us. 
More  http://www.rattlewithus.com/

Judi McLeod, Publisher and Editor of the Canada Free Press, will be speaking about Freedom Of the Press
June 8, 2010
at Pasquale’s, 31555 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak, MI  48073
Sponsored by the Southeast Michigan 9.12 Project (a Tea Party)
Admission:  $21.00/Ticket. Includes Dinner. Cash Bar.  Limited Seating
Contact Steve Ross   snrross@comcast.net


Comment on Andy Dillon’s Facebook Page
Andy Dillon, Michigan Speaker of the House, is holding up Rep. Dave Agema’s bills to stop illegal aliens from having a free-for-all here in Michigan. Some have left comments on Andy Dillon’s Facebook page, instructing him to allow the bills to come to the floor for a vote.  Add your comments?  

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