04/20/10 Action / Videos

I object and take exception to everyone saying that Obama and Congress are spending money like a drunken sailor.  As a former drunken sailor, I quit when I ran out of money.              - Bruce L. Hargraves, USN Retired, Worling, Wyoming
Petition to place Michigan Citizens Healthcare Freedom Amendment on the November 2010 ballot
The objective is to place on the November ballot a referendum to amend the State Constitution to fight back against the Washington health care takeover. 
Needed: 380,000 signatures by June 26, 2010.
Petitions available at all Patriots of SE MI events.
To pick up or sign a petition, contact::
Monroe County Coordinator: Warren Davis  wrdavis1@riverraisinpatriots.org  
Wayne County Coordinator: Wayne County Taxpayers Association  www.wctaxpayers.org  
For more information, see  http://lists.riverraisinpatriots.org/t/36143653/140509036/86637/0/   
Contract from America
America’s Constitutionalist Revolt: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow         
We know that this is a decentralized grassroots movement, with many different voices hailing from many different towns across the country. But the tea-party message comes together in the “Contract From America….” http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/political_commentary/commentary_by_lawrence_kudlow/america_s_constitutionalist_revolt
The Articles of Freedom:  The works of the Continental Congress of 2009
Articles of Freedom Pledge    http://articlesoffreedom.us/Pledge.aspx
There are an endless number of emails making the rounds – emails that may be partly or wholly untrue. They cannot be stopped, but you can make a difference by screening them and not passing them on.  You could make an even bigger difference by replying to the email and or forwarding it WITH a link explaining that it is false.  Emails declaring, “Verified by Snopes” are just as likely to contain false information.
You can easily check the veracity of EVERY forwarded email before passing it on.  Simply copy the first few words or other key words and paste into the search area of your browser.  Click on one or more sites for information.  Avoid  FACTCHECK – it is liberal.  Some people don’t trust Snopes, but it often has good background information, including how to identify false emails.  You may want to check a couple of sites. 
You can try it out with one of the most popular emails:  “Very Quietly Obama’s Citizenship Case Reaches the Supreme Court.”
Be Careful What You Wish For Obama!  -  videos
“Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor: Election 2010″ and other great videos by the San Antonio Tea Party

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